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State-of-the-art berthing at Jellicoe/North Wharf will keep your boat safe

Picture of last years Auckland Boat Show to give an indication of pontoon set up.

If you're concerned about mooring your boat in Jellicoe/North wharf - don't be. We have state-of-the-art pontoons and infrastructure provided by the organisers of the Auckland Boat Show. Your vessel will securely tie up to individual pontoons, minimising the impact of other boats, tides, and winds for a worry-free docking experience. All you have to do to take up this offer, and ensure a space, is click on the Jellicoe/North wharf mooring button when you enter. With the Welcome party on the Friday night, the prizegiving on the Saturday and other events and activities taking place during the Moana Auckland Festival Experience, it will be a rare and fantastic opportunity to moor right in the heart of downtown Auckland.


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