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Why is it called Jellicoe wharf and where is it?

Like a lot of you, we always knew the wharf at Wynyard Quarter to be called North Wharf.  Eke Punuku who manage the area (and who we are working with) have advised that the official title is Jellicoe Harbour.  Yes, it’s a little confusing because if you look at a map it still says North Wharf.  We will now refer to where we berth as Jellicoe/North Wharf.  Check out the map here.

Where do we berth our boats? When can we get in and when do we have to leave? What do we have to bring?

We have the state-of-the-art pontoons and infrastructure provided by the Auckland Boat Show. Your vessel will securely tie up to individual pontoons, minimising the impact of other boats, tides, and winds for a worry-free docking experience. Check out the berthing zones here.  Further instructions will be issued closer to the event.  All competitors boats are able to access the marina on Friday 8th March from 12.30pm and need to have departed by Sunday 10th March by midday.

Why is the party the night before the race?

We wanted to keep with the essence of the Barcolana Regatta in Trieste.  This seems to still be a winning formula after 50 years. From our experience “First Night Fever” has evolved into an event in itself (think Bay Week) so we thought we would make it official by hosting a Friday, First Night Fever – the welcome party.  This also ties into the premise that the PIC Harbour Classic is a party with a race rather than a race with a party.  

We have been given permission to dock at Jellicoe/North Wharf for the whole weekend.  We wanted to take advantage of this by hosting the formalities on the Friday night so the rest of the weekend is free to enjoy at your leisure – especially for out-of-towners.

The Welcome party takes place at Wynyard Pavilion in the garden bar.  The Josh Leys band, who are a permanent fixture at the PIC Coastal Classic will get you on dance floor from the moment you arrive.

Who can attend the welcome party?

All competitors, friends and family can attend the party. 


Where can we go for breakfast?

Breakfast is available at Wynyard Pavilion from 8.30am.   Check back here for updates.

What about prizegiving?

Prepare for an extraordinary prize-giving experience .  Your achievements will be honoured in front of a substantial audience, reminiscent of the America’s Cup Stage.  A purpose-built stage on Te Whero Island, surrounded by bustling bars, tantalising food trucks, and an enthusiastic crowd is where you will bask in the spotlight as you receive accolades for your exceptional efforts. 

Additional information

Information around rubbish bins/access to pontoon/security etc will be issued closer to the event.

Please check back here for updates.

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