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Foiling GC32 wins PIC Harbour Classic in record time

A fleet of 52 yachts gathered at the start line for the highly anticipated PIC Insurance Brokers Harbour Classic, but the race was swiftly claimed by the outstanding performance of Frank Racing! In an awe-inspiring display, the foiling GC32 conquered the course in an astonishing 58 minutes, and 49 seconds, leaving the competition trailing in their wake.

Owner Simon Hull exclaims, "It was an absolute thrill! The ideal conditions allowed us to effortlessly glide through the water, experiencing the joy of foiling."

Sailing in perfect conditions, the course took the competitors on a reach up to Torbay, delivering a truly glamorous sailing experience. The harbour enjoyed a flawless day, complete with a gradually building breeze that enhanced the exhilarating atmosphere.

Harry Dodson's TP52 Mayhem clinched the title of the first monohull to cross the line at 1hr, 29 minutes, 41 seconds, while Innismara, the 67-foot modern classic monohull, won overall handicap. 

Inspired by the renowned Barcolana Regatta in Trieste, Italy, where over 2500 yachts simultaneously set sail from a single start line, the PIC Harbour Classic aspires to attain similar grandeur.  While not yet at the scale of its Italian counterpart, ambitious plans are in motion to have 500 boats grace the start line within the next decade.   

In the meantime, the PIC Harbour Classic, part of the Moana Auckland Festival, showcased a breathtaking spectacle on the Waitematā Harbour.

Above image - Frank Racing

This Image - Aerial shot of PIC Harbour Classic fleet (photo credits Josh McCormack)


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